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Adrenal Imaging

The role of the radiologist is particularly valuable in diagnosis and treatment of the adrenal glands. From a diagnostic perspective, state of the art CT and MRI imaging can provide detailed information about the anatomy of the adrenal glands. These examinations can show benign or malignant tumors in exquisite detail. MRI has the added benefit of providing information about chemical content in the cells of tumors that are discovered. If a biopsy is indicated, CT scans allow the Interventional Radiologist to sample a tumor with extreme precision, making the procedure both safe and accurate.

Interventional Radiologists, with their technical skills using catheters and other medical devices, can be essential members of the endocrine medical team. Using minimally invasive techniques and imaging guidance, these specialized physicians compliment the care of the endocrine patient in areas of diagnosis and treatment. For example, micro-catheters can be directed into the veins draining an adrenal gland suspected of over-producing or under-producing a particular hormone. Samples of the vein blood can be obtained and then analyzed for specific adrenal hormones.